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Postnatal Doula Support: 

Having some further support during those early days post-birth can help you recover and take the stress of other jobs away allowing you to purely focus on yourself and your baby. Not many people have heard of a postnatal doula and in-fact may believe they don't deserve or even need this kind of support. Well, I am here to tell you that is quite the opposite.  

As a new mother, you experience a whole other level of 'what the heck am I doing?' and 'who the heck am I?' believe me when I say you DESERVE the support. If more people invested in supporting the mother I truly believe there would be less cases of postnatal related mental health issues. 

Having someone, like myself, who has experienced birth (twice), breastfeeding (both kids), postnatal depression (but come out the other side feeling positive and enjoying parenthood),at your side is invaluable. 


In-home visits may include: 

  • Helping around the house 

  • Looking after your baby whilst you shower/nap/eat

  • Cooking you nutritious meals to support postpartum recovery

  • Holding the space for you to be heard and reflect on your birthing experience

  • Support with basic infant feeding 

Newborn Baby with Mom

Virtual support is also available if you just need emotional support and someone to answer any questions/queries regarding the postpartum period and newborn behaviour. I am also able to signpost you to trusted, reliable and relevant resources and practitioners. 

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