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Baby Breastfeeding

Experienced Birth and Infant Feeding Support 

Supporting, educating, empowering you through every step of your journey to motherhood. 

Welcome to Calma Therapy, a holistic, honest and inclusive space for women, mothers and parents.

If you want to learn all there is to know about Infant Feeding and the transition to Motherhood then you are in the right place.

Do you want to feel confident, prepared and have FAITH in your body and your abilities as a mother? 

There is so much information out there around how to feed your baby and what is the "right" way. Well, guess what? The right way is YOUR way! As an Infant Feeding  and Motherhood Coach I am here to educate you and guide you to getting where you want to be and how you want to feel! 

Whether you are pregnant and want to gain as much info as poss or you have had your babe and need some extra support I am your go-to! 

I want you to have a positive feeding experience fuelled by a sense of empowerment and  self-belief!

I have an honest and realistic approach and basically want you to feel like you have the confidence  to feed your baby however you want to and enjoy postpartum (even all the crappy bits that come with it).

No questions are off-limits during my sessions! You should feel truly proud of what you are capable of and I will be your best cheerleader! 

I offer in person support from my clinic in Hayle, Cornwall or online via Zoom, whatever suits you!

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Get in touch

Do you have questions about the holistic therapy treatments or would you like to inquire about booking a class with me? I am here to help. Use the contact link below to get in touch.

Client Testimonials

"Alannah was a huge help and support as our perinatal practitioner. We had four 1-1 sessions with her in our home and were able to ask anything about antenatal and postnatal preparation. The knowledge we have gained is invaluable. 


“The postnatal support at Calma Therapy was amazing. It helped me feel more confident as a new mother.”


“The breastfeeding coaching with Alannah was a game-changer for me. I was struggling before I saw Alannah, but now I feel much more comfortable.”


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