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Whether you’re a new mum, a mum of five or you are currently expecting, there are many ways to support you and your baby. Everything I do and offer will have YOU as an individual, a mother and as a parent in mind. 

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Postnatal Doula Support

When your baby arrives it can often feel overwhelming for parents and I offer postnatal doula support to take some of that worry away. Having someone there to nurture and support you in your transition to parenthood is invaluable. With an extensive amount of training and experience, I am able to support you with feeding your baby and reassure you what is 'normal' baby behaviour in the fourth trimester; busting some of those myths that fly around society. I will also be a listening ear for you to reflect on your birth and allow you to be heard. 

Not only am I here for you but I am here for anything that you need doing, whether that be looking after siblings or cooking you nutritious meals. 

The doula sessions are completely tailored to you and your family.

Home visits:

£40 per hour 


Birth Preparation and Early Days Class

Inclusive, supportive, educational and honest. These birth preparation classes are aimed to leave you as parents-to-be feeling confident, empowered and prepared (as much as you can be!) 

I use evidence based research to ensure that the knowledge you get is consistent. There is absolutely zero-judgement here and you will be listened to, whatever choices you make around your birth and feeding journey.  The classes can be done in your home on a more personal level or within a group setting at Hidden Yurt in Hayle, Cornwall. 

Group classes: £255

Private classes 1-1: £355

(times and dates can be flexible). 

Nursing Newborn

Infant Feeding Support:

Calma Mama Breastfeeding Preparation or 

Postnatal 1-1 Support 

I am a qualified Infant Feeding Coach and offer one-to-one feeding support. The Calma Mama sessions can be booked during your pregnancy to get fully prepared and to create an in-depth feeding plan. Once you have had your baby if feel you need just that little bit of extra support to achieve your feeding goals you can book a 1-1 troubleshooting session. There is so much information out there but I focus on what you actually need to know to get feeding off to the best start for you and your baby. If you are struggling to get baby to latch or you are experiencing any pain during feeding, a 1-1 session is highly advised!

Calma Mama Breastfeeding Preparation: 

£77 for 2 hr masterclass

1-1 Postnatal Infant Feeding support:

£65 for initial 90 min consultation 

£50 per hour for further appointments


Bumps & Babies Group

Bumps & Babies

A beautiful space for a bunch of beautiful women

It’s so important to meet others who you can share your stories with and how you’re feeling as a mother or mother-to-be! Everyone who has come along to this lovely little group has been so welcoming and chatty, so don’t feel afraid to venture out with your little ones and come and join us.

We have biscuits and a cuppa to hand and I’m more than happy to hold your babe if you need a break

Plus, I’m here to answer any birthy/postpartum/feeding questions.

10am-11am Thursdays (dates vary each month)

@hiddenyurt in St Erth

Newborn Baby

Get in touch

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Do you have questions about our holistic therapy treatments or would you like to inquire about booking a class? I am here to help. Use the contact link below to get in touch.

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