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Birth Preparation and Early Days Classes: 

An inclusive, supportive and honest approach to antenatal education. 

On the course we cover: 

Pregnancy Care 

Birth Physiology 


Stages of labour 

Birthing positions - ones that are actually helpful!


Where do you want to give birth? 

Birth environment & Birth plan 

Pain management 

Induction of labour & Casereans - the dreaded C word

Birth Partners (this one is reeaally important)

Breathing techniques - game-changer!


Birth recovery

Newborn behaviour  - what is "normal"? 

Infant Feeding - Breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, combi-feeding

The postpartum YOU (one that hits home for me) 


Resources and refreshments included and by this I mean tea and homemade cakes!

These classes are for you if you want to come away feeling confident and prepared for motherhood (as best you can, I mean lets face it, nothing can quite prepare you for the real thing) but you can fuel yourself with bloody good knowledge and the self-belief to know you are designed for this and that you can trust in your body! 

Mother with her Child
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