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Breastfeeding and Infant Feeding Support in Cornwall.

My approach: 

I am a mother of two, whom I both breastfed. This was wonderful, it gave me such fulfillment, it was rewarding, I gained such a bond with my children BUT it did not come without its difficulties. It was a skill we had to learn together. I had moments where I wanted to give up as I felt there was not always consistent support available. This is why I do what I do. 

I have a background in education and knew I had the skills to teach other women and having been through tough times I knew I had the compassion to support and be understanding. 

I believe every mother, including YOU, deserves access to reliable knowledge and an abundance of support and guidance . My aim is to help you make the most informed choice that is right for you. 

The concept of breastfeeding. Portrait of mom and breastfeeding baby. .jpg

I am a registered Infant Feeding Coach/Breastfeeding Counsellor with FEDANT and accredited by Birth, Baby & You. This means I am fully qualified to help you with reach your feeding goals, whatever they might be.  

The Calma Mama Breastfeeding Preparation sessions are aimed at mothers/parents before you have your baby so that you are able to gain as much knowledge around breastfeeding, expressing, colostrum harvesting, newborn feeding behaviours and how to overcome potential challenges that might come up. 

If you have already had your baby and you are struggling then a postnatal 1-1 session is recommended. 

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